Team Building for Government Organizations


Christie Ward, CSP - The Impact Institute

Christie Ward, CSP
The Impact Institute

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12 Challenges Impacting Government Teams and How to Fix Them!


1) Retirement of long-term government employees


2) Freezes on hiring means more work for everyone


3) Regulations and policies change with administration


4) Creating good customer service with the public


5) Getting past the negative stereotypes of government workers


6) Change in government is like turning around a cruise ship


7) Government workers find it hard to innovate because of layers of approval


8) Who’s in charge of my professional development?


9) But I don’t want to wait until she retires to be promoted!


10) What do you like about your job?


11) How can I make a difference?


12) How to say NO when everything in you wants to say YES



Christie Ward, CSP, provides employee training and coaching to government organizations and individuals. Christie’s professional development programs and soft skills training get proven results.